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How to change font size on iPhone

How to change font size on iPhone

If you have trouble seeing or reading text on your iPhone, you should know that there is an option that allows you to change the font size, so you can change the fonts to appear larger on the screen.

You can change the lyrics on Twitter or WhatsApp independently.However, changing the font size on the iPhone is a simple and quick task. Apple has made it very easy for you in this regard. It will be enough to follow some simple instructions so that you have the size that is most comfortable for your eyes, as we tell you below.

How to change the font size on your iPhone

– Go to "Settings", then enter "Accessibility".

– Click on "Display and text size".

Then click "Select Larger Text."

Use the scroll bar to change the font size. Moving it to the left, on the other hand, makes the letter smaller.

You can toggle the accessibility sizes to have a wider range of dimensions. This will enable a larger range of extents on the slider.

Modify the Control Center font

– Enter "Settings", then click "Control Center."

Scroll down until you find the "More controls" option. Tap the green icon next to the text size. You will now see the "Text Size" tool appear in the "Included Controls" section.

From the home screen, scroll down from the top right area to open "Control Center". Tap the "Text Size" widget that has two symbols with the letter A.

- Modify the dimensions: moving the slider up makes the font larger, moving it down makes it smaller. Tap anywhere in the background to close the widget.

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