Watch the Liverpool and Manchester City match broadcast live

Watching the Liverpool and Manchester City match broadcast live
 today, Saturday 30-7-2022 in the FA Shield

The Liverpool-Manchester City match will be held in the FA Shield, where the King Power Stadium on the English soil on the evening of Saturday, July 30, 2022, will witness one of the classics of English football, when the Liverpool team, the runners-up of the Premier League last season, collides with the hero and his arch-rival team. Manchester City at the start of the new season.

Before the expected confrontation that brings together Liverpool against Manchester City, Liverpool had finished his Premier League campaign last season in second place in the standings table with 92 points from 38 rounds, during which he achieved victory in 28 games compared to losing in only two meetings. He fell into a draw in 8 other matches, and in terms of average goals, he scored 94 goals against his opponents, compared to 26 goals in his net.

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