TikTok changes its algorithm: this is how it works

TikTok changes its algorithm: this is how it works

TikTok has announced new features in its algorithm, including the increase in the personalization of the content that the social network will show to its users, who will thus be able to see recommended videos that are closer to their interests and tastes.

TikTok does not neglect protection for underage users, for which the operating algorithm has been adjusted to avoid displaying content that may be harmful to them. These limitations on what to show can be configured by the user through the “For you” section, where certain keywords or hashtags can be limited so that TikTok does not show them.

It is an option that goes one step further than the current tool that allows videos to be marked as not interesting, it works preventively and makes it easier for the app to stop recommending videos that will not be pleasant or convenient for the viewer. The new option allows you to mark not only the video but also the keywords or hashtags associated with said video, so other content with a similar theme will be discarded.

Regarding minors, TikTok has decided to restrict videos considered inappropriate to minors, users between 13 and 17 years old, going beyond, as until now, simply including a notice with a button that allowed skip the video. Now directly those types of videos will not be shown to users in that age range.

The TikTok algorithm is capable of detecting topics that may be inconvenient for minors, including fictional scenes that may be terrifying or disturbing for the youngest, thanks to the analysis of thousands of hours of video made from the platform by both human supervisors and through artificial intelligence.

These changes respond to recent reports and research pointing to the role TikTok plays in the mental health of young people. All these news will gradually arrive on the platform over the next few weeks.

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