This is Salt, the «Tinder» to flirt and find a partner between Christians

This is Salt, the «Tinder» to flirt and find a partner between Christians

Popularized to the point of becoming the metonymy to designate applications that allow finding a partner, Tinder has seen how similar platforms have occasionally emerged that focus their attention on groups that maintain a special bond based on certain characteristics, preference or affinity.

One of these groups is that of Christians, specifically those whose faith encourages them to prefer to seek a partner among those who wish to share their love for God and respect for the principles and values ​​of their religion with someone. This is where Salt appears, a platform developed by Christians and aimed at Christians who are looking for a partner and prefer that this one is also Christian.

At present, it has already exceeded 10,000 registered users who have downloaded it to their iOS or Android mobile device and have registered through an email address or through their profiles on Facebook or Google.

The mechanics of operation differ slightly from other applications of this type: you have to register a profile by adding some photos and personal information, marital status, physical features, habits, preferences and, very particularly, you have to answer a simple questionnaire about faith and relationship with God, which will allow the potential couple to assess whether the long-awaited affinity exists.

As in other similar platforms, the connection will occur whenever a user's profile receives a positive assessment in the form of a "like" by another user, and communication can be established with users who are at distances even greater than 500 kilometers. And from there, chat, communication and if all goes well, physical meeting and whatever comes up.

Salt has a premium version available upon payment of different amounts depending on the subscription period:

-8 euros weekly.

-18 euros per month.

-35.99 euros quarterly.

In this option, you can access the complete list of users who have "liked" the subscriber's profile and those who have discarded it, view more profiles of other users each day or have your own profile appear highlighted.

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