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The best apps for freelance copywriters

The best apps for freelance copywriters

Currently, freelancers have many tools to manage their tasks in the best possible way through the mobile phone. Some social networks have even launched specific features for them, such as LinkedIn, which is preparing a marketplace for freelancers, or even Facebook, which will allow you to search for and hire freelancers.

For freelance copywriters, there are numerous apps for freelancers on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store that are worth checking out. So, whether you are a professional freelance writer or a novice in this field, you can be sure that the applications that we will give you will be of great help to you. The mobile will become a business tool, it will be your ally. Let's take a look at the best of the moment!

– Trello: it is perfect for managing projects that have a certain delivery time. In the app you can create various boards to order tasks, goals, writing pending articles, meetings and much more. The free option allows you to manage ten boards at the same time, which will be enough for the vast majority.

– Grammarly: ideal for those who write in English, as it will help you not to make mistakes. The app offers suggestions on the correct grammar of the text and can correct articles, emails and any type of message in real time.

– Evernote: it is made to make notes and share them with any user. It is an excellent ally to write ideas that serve as inspiration in the future. In addition, since it can be installed on your mobile, you will carry the notes in your pocket, something that is extremely comfortable. It also allows you to record voice notes and produce outlines.

– Upwork: It may be one of the best platforms to find work, the demand for freelance writers is high. It's so easy to strike up a conversation with clients and find new assignments, all in the palm of your hand.

– Fiverr: an app that is very similar to Upwork, but it is essential to find a job without so many obstacles. It allows writers to be available to a large number of clients. From the system the person will have access to their messages, payments and each of the clients.

– Slack: It is an intuitive and very well designed platform that allows you to easily chat with all your work colleagues and clients. It will not be necessary to send emails to make a simple query or clear up a doubt.


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