The 8 best tricks for Google Maps

The 8 best tricks for Google Maps

Little by little we have been talking in recent weeks about everything Google Maps can do, such as the ability to download maps without connection, know how to use the immersive view, learn to activate the voice in Spanish and much more. Now, we want to gather everything in a single article to get the maximum potential to this application. For this reason, we will review the most useful tricks it hides.

Next, we will say what are the least known maps tricks, but that are really interesting because they expand the range of possibilities offered by the app. You can be sure that it will become a more complete platform.

- Add a stop: Open Google Maps, play in the three -point menu, select «Add stop». Enter the new destination and tighten and drag the two bars icon to the right of the stop to reorder.

- Real -time information: Press on the "overlap" icon that is in the upper right corner. Choose "traffic." The green color is for light traffic, yellow for medium and red congestion for bottles and heavy situations.

- Use Street View: Choose the "layers" icon found in the upper right corner. Touch "Street view", close the "Layers" menu and press the map area where you would like to get a view at the street level.

- See the locations history: Squeeze on the icon of your profile that is in the upper right corner. Now, you just have to select "your timeline."

- Save the parking lot: Touch the blue point that shows your current location. In the menu that appears, choose «Save parking».

- Mark favorite places: Select a place or coordinate set, click on «Save». Now, choose or create a list in which you can store your favorite sites.

- Share your location: Choose your profile picture that is at the upper right angle. Squeeze in "Share Location", choose the "Share Location" button, decide for how long you want to share your location. It also designates the contact to which you want to send the information. Press in "Share."

- Public transport details: First, configure a route on Google Maps and then choose "transit" as your preferred travel method.

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