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How to reset a smartwatch to factory settings

How to reset a smartwatch to factory settings

An installation or an update that takes too long, a smart watch that starts to give problems or that the time has come to sell it or give it away and you want to delete all the personal data that may have been stored in it.

There are several reasons why the user of a smartwatch may want to reset it and restore the factory settings, something that can be done by different procedures since this will depend on the manufacturer, model, operating system... And it is that in recent years they have proliferated smart watches, to the point that Facebook itself has been working on its own smartwatch.

Below are the ways to do this for some of the best-selling models on the market.

How to reset your smart watch

–Apple Watch: First you have to deactivate the data plan associated with the watch. To do this, from the Apple Watch management application installed on the iPhone, click on the Mobile option and select the information that appears on the plan contracted by the user. Next, select the “Delete” option. That should be enough to remove all personal information that could be accessed from the Apple Watch, but in some cases it will be necessary to contact the operator to manage this operation.

Once the data plan has been deactivated, the Apple Watch can be reset through the Watch Settings menu using the path “General – Reset – Delete all contents and settings”. Finally, you have to confirm the action by entering the device password.

-Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The Samsung smart watch can be reset in different ways, both from the smartwatch itself and from the smartwatch. In fact, if you have the version with your own mobile connection, the first thing to do is deactivate the data plan. To do this you have to open the Galaxy Wearable app, click on the clock settings, go down the menu to the option related to mobile plans and delete the one associated with the smartwatch. The clock can then be reset. To do this, follow the path “Settings – General – Reset”, after which you will be prompted to enter the password. It can also be reset from the smartwatch with very similar steps. After opening the Galaxy Wearable app, follow the path “Clock settings – General – Reset”. Next you have to unlock the smartwatch, confirm that you want to reset the watch and enter the password.

-Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa: Since none of these models have a mobile connection, there is no need to worry about eliminating the links with operator data plans. Simply access the settings menu from the device itself and in the “About this device” section select “Reset to factory settings” and confirm your choice.

-Smartwatches with Wearable OS 2 operating system: They represent a case very similar to that of the Fitbit just explained. These are smart watches that do not have a data plan associated with the telephone operator, so they can be reset from the device itself. To do this, follow the path “Settings – System” and select, depending on the device, the option “Disconnect and reset” or “Delete synchronization with the mobile phone”. Finally it is confirmed that you want to reset the smart watch.


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