How to configure iPhone restrictions

How to configure iPhone restrictions

As usual, many believe that iOS is an operating system that practically does not give any freedom to the user. But the truth is that this has changed over time, on your iPhone you can hide the number from which it is called, modify the sounds of the notifications, create a hotspot to share the Internet, etc. In addition, it also allows you to configure smartphone restrictions so that your data and private information are not in danger.

Soon, we will say what you should do to have the limitations of your iPhone as you like. Thanks to this, you will have control over each of the actions that your phone performs so that nothing gets out of control.

How to configure your iPhone restrictions?

It is very easy to carry out this procedure, all you have to do is go to "configuration" - "screen time" and choose "content and privacy restrictions." A new menu will be enabled, there only squeezes on the switch to enable "content and privacy restrictions."

What can you do with restrictions?

- Purchases in iTunes and App Store: their function revolves around keeping children who have access to your iPhone at bay to prevent them from doing any type of purchase. They may not install or uninstall apps without introducing the security code, the same for acquisitions.

- Hide integrated apps: very simple, you will hide the applications of the system that you choose. So they will not appear in the options because they are programs that you use very little and want to make them aside.

- Store content: You can select the content that you want to be exposed in iTunes and App Store. It serves to block explicit and violent material that circulates in the form of song lyrics, musical videos, books, movies, television programs and more.

- Siri: It serves to prevent Siri from looking for a certain type of information or preventing access to specific portals. Not only works with adult content, but you can limit purchasing websites, games, content rental, etc.

- Web pages: This section is useful for any inappropriate content for a child, either because it is explicit, pornographic, violent, etc. You can configure all the websites you want, so it is extremely competent and easy to configure on your iPhone.

- Privacy: Here are the freedom to restrict the personal information you want, be they contacts, photo albums, camera, etc. It is excellent to avoid potentially problematic situations in the future.

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