Watch the Italy vs Argentina match broadcast live
Today 1-6-2022 in the European and South American Cup

The old Wembley Stadium is preparing to host Italy and Argentina in the framework of the European and South American Cup finals, or the so-called "Atmo Franchi Cup".

The event is being held for the first time, the European Nations Cup champion and the South American champion, the Cuban champion, gathered together.

The Italian national team won the Euro 2022 "European Cup" and Argentina, the winner of the America's Cup 2022, and it is expected that the competition between them will be very intense and exceed expectations, as both teams have a group of prominent international stars.

Italy won the European Cup twice and Argentina won the America's Cup 15 times.

Dates for Italy and Argentina in the European Cup - South America
The Italian national team will meet Argentina on Wednesday 1 June in the framework of the European Cup matches and the South American “Final” matches.

The match between Italy and Argentina will be held next Wednesday at Wembley Stadium at 8.45 am in Cairo and 9.45 am in Makkah.

Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini will face South American champions Argentina in the final, marking the end of the Italian national team's career.
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