Twitter describes graphics for users with disabilities in audio

Twitter describes graphics for users with disabilities in audio

Twitter continues to expand its accessible tools for users with disabilities and now launches a new option that allows graphics to be "translated" into audio and described, with special attention to figures, so that tweeters with visual problems can also understand them.

Visually impaired users will thus be able to 'hear' the content of the charts, while also receiving a written description of the chart content. Charts often don't look right or include numbers and data in small font. Understanding them will now be easier for those who have vision problems.

In the last year, Twitter has launched several tools that improve user accessibility to its content. For example, the way the version described in the alt text of photos included in tweets is displayed has been improved.

In addition, automatic subtitles have also been included in the videos and even a new button that indicates which of these contents have subtitles available, which is identified with the acronym CC.

These improvements are added to others that the company had already included in recent years, such as a “+ALT” button that encourages the inclusion of the audio-described version of the images that are shared on the social network.

Audio transcripts of the charts are currently available in English, with other languages ​​coming soon. At the moment, it is a small step, but it adds one more tool to the accessibility options of the social network, which are very well received by the members of the community and allow the conversation to be generated naturally. and dynamics on the platform despite the possible physical disabilities of some tweeters.

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