This will be Telegram Premium, the paid version with exclusive features

This will be Telegram Premium, the paid version with exclusive features

The first details that have been known about Telegram Premium show that the paid version of the popular instant messaging platform would include a good number of new features that would be a considerable advantage over the free version.

The price that would have to be paid would be a monthly subscription of 4.99 dollars per month, in the absence of knowing if finally the price is that and if it would be 4.99 euros per month or the amount would be modified due to the exchange difference between the two coins.

From Telegram, when the first rumors about a paid version of the application emerged, it was ensured that all the functions currently available for free would continue to be so, so the Premium version should justify its price based on offering either functions and features unpublished or expand some of the limitations present in the current app.

The company has not confirmed the characteristics of Telegram Premium, although as it has been known these would be:

-Duplication of the space for the bio, which would go from 70 to 140 characters.

-Animated avatars for the profiles in the chat list.

-Badge next to the profile indicating that the user is subscribed to Telegram Premium.

-New icons for the app itself.

-Disappearance of advertising.

-Doubling of the maximum limits of channels (to be up to 1,000), chat folders (20), pinned chats (10), accounts in a single application (4), chats within a folder (200), favorite stickers ( 10) and GIFs (400).

-Duplication of the size of the files, which would go from 2 Gb to 4 Gb.

-Extension of the description in the photographs and videos.

-Disappearance of the download speed limit, both for documents and multimedia files.

-Automatic transcription to text of voice messages.

-Exclusive animated reactions and stickers with weekly updates.

-Advanced tools for chat management.

At the moment, more details are unknown about when Telegram Premium could appear, its definitive characteristics and the price of its subscription.

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