How to get more Twitter followers naturally

How to get more Twitter followers naturally

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk has not left anyone indifferent. There are those who have decided to abandon the social network and are looking for alternatives to Twitter, but there are also those who consider that it is time to "get strong" on the platform and get more followers on Twitter organically.

There are several methods that can be put into practice so that the users who follow an account increase considerably and naturally. The procedures are very simple to execute, the pillar of all this lies in perseverance and good treatment with the public. Before starting, it is important to mention that, an extra help that never hurts, are the apps to get more out of Twitter. These will optimize the administration of the social network and add useful functions that will be useful in the short and long term.

Apart from that, these would be some tips to get more followers on Twitter naturally:

– Stay active on the platform: it is a basic principle, but effective, the more tweets the person publishes, the more chances they will have of being noticed. This is because Twitter's algorithms give more airtime to accounts that post regularly. Consistency in activity is a must to get more followers on Twitter.

The numbers speak for themselves, the top 25% of top performing accounts and followers post around 12 times a week (twice a day). If users notice that the content posted is good, they will know that the account is worth following.

Posting hours are also essential, although they vary depending on the area, theme or type of account.

– Interact with the public: the tweets that perform best are those that have a conversational tone and that respond to current events and trends. This conversation must be fluid, that is, the public must also respond to comments and messages. Posting comments on tweets that are not from the competition is a good strategy.

Participation in Twitter conversations is a valuable bonus point. Public conversations that have a defined topic of discussion are a great way to spread the word about your account and attract more followers. Being a constant participant in the tweet threads allows you to become a familiar figure on the social network.

– Unique and attractive content: having a unique personality is a key point to gain followers on Twitter. Articulating the values ​​and the vision that you want to promote is the beginning of the elaboration of a defined identity within the platform.

Prioritizing visual content is important, as Tweets with images receive more likes, comments, and retweets. Infographics, videos and GIFs are pillars of this social network.

– Be up to date with trends: knowing the current trends allows you to participate in discussions that have many users. In addition, if hashtags are well implemented, tweets will appear as part of the topics that are trending, something that will allow them to gain popularity.

It is best to include one or two hashtags in each tweet, but it is vital that they are relevant and that they are linked to broad trends. It should be remembered that tweets should not be cluttered with hashtags because they will look like spam.

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