How to change the WhatsApp sound for a specific person

How to change the WhatsApp sound for a specific person

If you want to know who has written to you on WhatsApp without even having to open the application, what you can do is assign a unique sound to that contact. Thus, when your mobile sounds a notification that someone has contacted you on WhatsApp, you will recognize who the message is from because the sound is unique.

This is very useful to be aware of anything that that person who is important to you and from whom you do not want to miss anything as soon as they send it to you, can send you by WhatsApp. You can assign as many different sounds to as many people as you want in WhatsApp, yes, if there are many, you will have to make an effort to remember which sound you have assigned to each person so as not to get confused.

In this article we are going to explain how to change the WhatsApp sound for notifications from a specific person. Take note:

How to change the sound of WhatsApp notifications

In order to change how a contact's notifications sound on WhatsApp you will have to go to the contact and customize their notifications. You can do it both in individual profiles and if you want all notifications in a group to have a distinctive and characteristic sound (hint: you can put a unique sound for notifications from the group of parents of the school and ignore them when you hear them. Or also you can mute the group, of course).

-The first thing is to enter the chat of that person or that group whose notification sound you want to change. Click on the name of the person or group, which appears at the top of the chat screen.

-Now you will see the different personalization options of the contact or group. Go to the section that says “Customize notifications”.


-In this new screen you will see all the options deactivated, which means that this contact will use the default sound for notifications. To change the sound and customize it, turn on the "Custom notifications" option.

-Now all the functions that appear on the screen will be activated and you will have different customization options. In «Notification tone» you can select how the message notification sounds if you do not want it to be the same as the default sound in any conversation.

-In the same way, you can change the vibration of notifications, although this will only be useful if you apply it to a contact or group. If you do it in several, you will not know who is writing to you, since the vibration is always done in the same way.

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