How to activate reactions in WhatsApp messages

How to activate reactions in WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp the most used messaging application in the world, with 2,000 million users worldwide. The application can now be used on several devices at the same time, one of the latest developments launched by the app, and new releases are being prepared.

For example, it is already testing to allow you to choose who to hide the last connection time from, and another of the features that are being tested are the reactions in the messages.

At the moment, only some users can use them, as they are in the test phase. In this article, we are going to explain how you can enable reactions and the requirements that you must meet to test this new WhatsApp feature, since Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that it will begin to be rolled out today for all users.

Who can use WhatsApp reactions?

Until today, Meta only had reactions enabled on select WhatsApp beta testers. The beta testing program opens from time to time to add more people and test the new feature on more users. In any case, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, has confirmed that the reactions will be available to the entire community starting today.

Reactions on messages

In addition to Zuckerberg's announcement, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart has assured that any user will know how to enable the new feature because it is intuitive. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

– Open the chat where the message you want to react to is.

– Long press on the message.

– You will see a pop-up perk with six emojis made for reactions.

– Select one of the six emojis.

– The reaction will appear below the message you chose.

An important point is that the reaction feature can be turned on or off. To do this you will have to go to the “Settings” – “Reaction notifications”. There is no official release date for this feature. Also, the beta tests are well under way, which is a clear indication that a new update with the reactions will be coming soon.

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