Advertising reaches YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a thinly veiled response to the short videos that TikTok has made popular. And they seem to be working well since Google has started the inclusion of advertising in this format in all parts of the world.

It is not an absolute novelty, since last year YouTube Shorts began to include some ads in the testing phase, but starting this week users of this shortened video mode, YouTube's "TikTok", will be able to start watching how ads appear while they are enjoying this platform.

The ads that will be included will seek to connect the campaigns of their products with the content of the videos in an integrated way, in order to favor the purchase without negatively interfering with the user experience. In fact, TikTok also has the same type of videos that allow you to take a look at the products for sale without having to leave the application by linking to the content from the browser.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President and General Director of Google Ads, stated in the presentation of these ads for YouTube Shorts that with the insertion of advertising in this content, progress is made in the development of long-term monetization strategies that benefit users. content creators, although a YouTube spokesperson has also confirmed that initially there will be no direct sharing of the profits generated by the ads with these creators.

In return, the current strategy of monthly rewards for creators and artists from the YouTube Shorts Fund will be deepened, which has planned remunerations of up to 10,000 dollars per month for the creators of Shorts out of a total endowment of 100 million dollars. Based on the viewership results of each piece of content, creators will be able to get paid between $100 and $10,000 per month for their original content (cannot come from other platforms or be created by third parties).

At the moment YouTube Shorts continues to gain impact. It already generates more than 30,000 million daily views, which means having quadrupled the figures of last year.

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