Watch the Senegal and Cape Verde match live
 broadcast 25-01-2022 in the African Cup of Nations

Watching the Guinea-Gambia match, broadcast live, Senegal vs. Cape Verde in the African Cup of Nations, Senegal hosts the last edition of the African Nations this evening, Tuesday evening, its opponent, Cape Verde, in the face of the 16th round of the current season of the tournament, which will be held today on the floor of the Quekong Stadium in the future The Senegal national team has the match, which will start at exactly six o'clock in the evening, Egypt time.

The Senegal team in the last version had lost a runner-up to the tournament, and in this version, the Senegal team seeks to achieve the meeting, but the team’s confrontations in the group stage were difficult, and it scored only one goal in three matches, and the last game it played before today’s confrontation was a draw with goals and was the second draw Respectively, before the victory in the opening match of the tournament with a single goal and today he wants an important victory to qualify.

On the other hand, the Cape Verdean team, which also achieved one victory in the group stage of the tournament, entered the tournament, drew and lost in a match, after playing three matches, and today the other will enter the match in order to search for victory and collect the qualification card for the next round of the tournament, and another A match played by the Cape Verdean national team before today, in which it tied in the third round in the last match in the group stage competitions.

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