Watch the Roma and Cagliari match broadcast live

Watch the Roma and Cagliari match broadcast live on 16-01-2022 Italian League

Juventus host Udinese at the Juventus Stadium late on Saturday in the Italian Serie A, looking to get rid of their pain in the Super Cup. The Bianconeri lost 2-1 to Inter Milan in the Italian Super on Wednesday. Alexis Sanchez scored the winning goal against the Nerazzurri In the final seconds of extra time Massimiliano Algeri's side put in an early lead. On the league front, things appear to be improving once again, with the team avoiding defeat in seven consecutive games. The last memorable one so far was as they battled from 3-1 down against Roma to win 4-3 at Stadio Olimpico.

In just seven minutes, the old lady hit three times to make a sure comeback and ascend to fifth place in the Serie A table. However, they remain 11 points from the top despite having played a game more than champion Inter. Udinese is 14th with a score Only 20 points and four wins from 19 matches. The 4-0 win over Cagliari should have been a sign of improvement, but it proved to be a false dawn after they lost 6-2 to Atalanta at home in the following game.

Juventus have won nine of their last 12 games with Udinese, scoring at least once in each. The Bianconeri have won their last five home games against Udinese and the last time they scored longer wins against them was between 1980 and 1987, winning seven in a row. Udinese stared at Second consecutive league defeat for the first time since September last year. The Old Lady is currently running her longest unbeaten run in the league since a streak of 13 unbeaten games at the start of the 2020-21 season. Allegri's side have been far from perfect this season, as they have been. The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has had a huge impact on the team. However, they have improved recently, and given the Bianconeri's impressive match record, it's hard to see them slipping back on points here.

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