Watch the Real Madrid and Elche match broadcast live

Watch the Real Madrid and Elche match broadcast live today 23-1 2022 La Liga

Real Madrid will meet its counterpart Real Madrid vs Elche this evening, Sunday, January 23, in the Spanish Professional League at the Santiago Bernabeu at 5:15 pm Cairo time, in the 22nd round of the second leg of the La Liga competition.


Live broadcast of the match between Real Madrid and Al-Che

Real Madrid enters the match and is in the first place in the La Liga standings and has 49 points, while Elche ranks fifteenth and has 22 points in the La Liga competition, and you can watch today's matches through live.

The two teams meet in the return match between them, and the first leg ended with Real Madrid winning by two goals to one

Real Madrid vs Elche match date

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will host the Real Madrid and Elche match at 05:15 pm local time in Egypt, corresponding to 06:15 pm Saudi time, and at 07:15 pm local time in the Emirates, and you can follow today’s matches.

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