Watch the Mali and Gambia match broadcast live
 today 16-01-2022 in the African Nations Cup

Watch the Mali and Gambia match broadcast live in the match that takes place at 15:00 Cairo local time at Limbe Stadium, as part of the second round of the group stage competitions of the African Cup of Nations, on our website.

The Mali team is looking forward to achieving victory and kidnapping the crossing card for the next round, taking advantage of the first victory over Tunisia with a goal without a response. Mali presented a very strong meeting on the defensive and offensive sides and deserved to collect the three points, and despite the unfortunate arbitration events witnessed in the confrontation of Tunisia and Mali, the match was Strong and Mali was able to take advantage of the mistakes committed by the Tunisian players to get the full mark.

Mali defender Masadio Hydra warned his players against facing Gambia. The player said by watching him against Mauritania, it can be said that he is a very respectable team, and his strength lies in the physical capabilities of his players, in addition to that he has important offensive cards, so we have to be careful in front of this team.

On the other hand, the Gambia team will look in today’s meeting to achieve victory and collect the three points for the second meeting in a row after defeating Morinatia in the last round. He has a strong chance of crossing to the next round and is fully aware that a tie or victory will bring the team closer to the next round, while defeat will worsen its position in the championship table.

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