Watch the Liverpool and Shrewsbury match broadcast live

Watch the Liverpool and Shrewsbury match broadcast live today 09/01/2022 FA Cup

Live broadcast of the match between Liverpool and Shrewsbury Town FC The Liverpool team will host at exactly two o’clock in the afternoon GMT or four o’clock in the afternoon Cairo time at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England, in the match that brings the two teams together in the framework of the third round of competitions The FA Cup, a match that is scheduled to be broadcast on BN Sport Premium II, accompanied by audio commentary from sports commentator Hassan Al-Aidarous.

The Liverpool team enters the match amid big dreams of combining the three English championships this season, as the team presents an outstanding performance in the English Premier League after it finished third after both Manchester City and Chelsea and is competing to top the scene in the English Premier League. The team also reached the semi-finals From the English League Cup, and one step remains for him to crown the cup in the event of his victory over Arsenal in the match that is scheduled to take place on the twentieth of January, and he seeks to provide good levels in tonight’s match to compete for the FA Cup, despite the absence of a number of his elements Important to participate in the African Nations Cup.

As for Shrewsbury Town, in the first round of the FA Cup this season, they beat Stratford Town, although they played that match away from home and away from home, but they managed to win by a sweeping score, winning five goals to one to qualify for the The second round of the FA Cup, to meet with the Carlisle United team, which managed to win by two goals to one, to get a ticket to qualify for the third round of the tournament.

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