Watch the Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao match broadcast live

Watch the Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao match broadcast live today 20-01-2022 in the King's Cup

Watching the Barcelona match against Athletic Club vs Barcelona today, Thursday, in the King’s Cup, at the top of the meetings of this round of the King of Spain’s Cup. Tonight, the defending champion, the Catalan team, Barcelona, ​​​​and they want to defend their title in the cup, are a heavy guest this evening against the runners-up of the last edition, the Athletic team. Bilbao, in order to calculate the matches of the 16th round of the King’s Cup competitions for this season, and the San Mames stadium will host the stronghold of Athletic Bilbao, which will receive its opponent tonight, Barcelona, ​​in the strongest matches of this round of the cup, and it will start today, January 20, the match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao in full. It is ten thirty in the evening in Cairo and eleven thirty in the evening in Saudi Arabia.

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao match

Barcelona is the guest in the match tonight, as part of the 16th round of the King's Cup this season. The Barcelona team, before starting its journey to preserve its title in the King's Cup, was eliminated from the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup at the hands of its royal opponent, Real Madrid, last Wednesday, and Barcelona lost. This match, which ended with the result of three goals against two goals for Barcelona, ​​​​Barcelona tonight will play its match in the cup and he wants to continue to achieve good results with Xavi and qualify for the next round of the championship.

Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona match

As for the Athletic Bilbao team, it is the owner of the land in the match tonight, in the round of 16 matches of the King of Spain Cup for this season. Real and Athletic Bilbao achieved victory in this match, which ended with a score of two goals to nothing, and the last match that Athletic Bilbao played before its match with Barcelona was in the Spanish Super Final with Real Madrid, and Athletic Bilbao also lost this title against Real as a result of two goals to nothing.

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