Watch the Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest match broadcast live

Watch the Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest match broadcast live today 09/01/2022 FA Cup

The live broadcast of the Arsenal match against Nottingham Forest, nottingham forest fc vs arsenal, Arsenal, one of the teams in the English capital, London, is a heavy guest at exactly seven and ten minutes Cairo time, which is the same time as five and ten minutes, London time, on the Nottingham Forest team in the match that is scheduled to It will be held within the framework of the third round of the FA Cup, and the match will be broadcast live and exclusively on BN Sport Premium 2, accompanied by audio commentary and a detailed description of the match in the voice of sports commentator Khalil Al Balushi.

Nottingham Forest managed to pass the first round of the League Cup this season after meeting Bradford City and was able to beat them with two goals to one goal, to get that performance to qualify for the second round of the League Cup and in the second round he met with the team Wolverhampton, who received a heavy result at his hands, was defeated by four goals to nothing to leave the EFL Cup and qualify for the FA Cup, hoping to make up for what he missed.

As for the Arsenal team, which opens its competition in the FA Cup tonight, after it managed to reach the semi-finals of the League Cup, it is scheduled to meet with Liverpool on the twentieth of January in a frank competition to reach the final in the Cup The English Premier League, while the team presents an outstanding performance in the English Premier League, and also aspires to include the FA Cup in its championships, to combine the three championships this season.

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