Watch the Lille vs Lille match, broadcast live, in the French Cup

Watch the Lance vs Lille match broadcast live

Today 01/04-2022 French Cup

Lille and Lance broadcast live today in the French Cup, a match in order to win and achieve a positive result between the two teams and qualify for the next round.

The French teams are playing this week in the French Cup matches, the round of 32, in strong confrontations of heavy caliber. We will watch them on your website. Sports Online. French football lovers.

Lille and Lens will be held at the Stade Bolert Delices this evening, Tuesday 4-1-2022, as the two teams seek to achieve victory and win in order to compete for the French championship.

In ((Round: 32), today the French Cup matches on your site to broadcast the matches beIN Sports HD

French Cup – Lens x Lille | Round of 32 | 2-1-2022

Lille vs Lance match, live broadcast, live online, football, sports, online

The timing of the match, the carrier channel, the time between the Lille and Lance teams

Today at ((8:00)) GMT, today ((9:00)) in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria

Time ((10:00)) the time of Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and Palestine, it starts at ((11:00)) the time of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait

Now today ((12:00)) Oman and UAE time

Live broadcast of the match between Lille and Lance, moment by moment

Lille and Lens match at the beginning of the new year 2022 in an effort to maintain his place in the French League and Cup standings

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