Index of renting a property in Al Garhoud, Dubai

There are many residential complexes in the Emirate of Dubai that are very popular with the residents, due to the availability of many service and recreational facilities that meet the needs of the various residents, especially the residential complexes in the Al Garhoud area, which is one of the best residential complexes in the entire emirate. If you are interested in living in Al Garhoud, we advise you to follow this article, in which we will present the rental price index in Al Garhoud, Dubai for the options of apartments and villas, in addition to the average annual rents for each.

About Al Garhoud, Dubai

Al Garhoud is considered one of the mixed-use areas in the emirate, as the area includes residential and commercial buildings, and Dubai International Airport is located a short distance from the area. On the other hand, the area provides options for renting apartments, villas and offices, especially shops and warehouses as well. Its architectural designs are between ancient and modern, so in this article we will show you the index of rental properties in Al Garhoud Dubai and the rental prices for apartments and villas.

Rental price index in Garhoud, Dubai

Al Garhoud offers residents the possibility of renting apartments and villas at very reasonable prices, where you can find 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments, in addition to 3-bedroom apartments, which are ideal for large families.

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