WhatsApp is developing its own «Google Maps»

WhatsApp is developing its own Google Maps

WhatsApp continues to work on expanding its functions, taking its features far beyond communication through instant messages, chats or video calls. Now it is a matter of incorporating navigation and geopositioning characteristics.

And to this end, the next feature to be incorporated into the application could be an interactive map that will allow you to find nearby stores and commercial establishments, even making it easier to communicate with them through messages.

This function is currently being tested and the Brazilian town of São Paulo would have been the first where, in a pilot format, it would have come into operation. With the name Business Nearby, the interface shows a search field from which to locate nearby businesses, using the information regarding the user's location.

This new function could classify nearby businesses according to their nature: restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores ... Once located, you can make inquiries about the information available from them, but also send and receive messages to said businesses to reserve a table in a restaurant or ask if there is a product in existence.

The director of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, explains that this function respects the privacy of the user as much as possible since they do not record and the location of the user or the companies that they are looking for or consulting, so that this information will never reach Meta (Facebook's parent company) .

WhatsApp has not reported when the new Business Nearby function could be available, with which the messaging platform would compete with others such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor or Foursquare in terms of combining geolocation and commercial information. It would also mean the expansion of the services that WhatsApp is able to offer after recent additions, such as the possibility of sending money using Bizum or the possibility of making payments through cryptocurrencies.

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