Watch the Manchester United and Arsenal match broadcast live

Watch the Manchester United and Arsenal match broadcast live

Today 12-12-2021 English Premier League

Tomorrow, Thursday, all eyes will turn to Old Trafford, which will be the scene of the 14th round of the English Premier League, when Manchester United host Arsenal.

Manchester United is in eighth place with 18 points, while Arsenal is in fifth place with 23 points.

direct confrontations

Manchester United are afraid to reach 7 consecutive matches in the Premier League without beating Arsenal, for the first time in their history, according to BBC figures.

Arsenal can win back-to-back league matches at Old Trafford for the first time since February 1979.

Arsenal aims to achieve a club record by keeping 4 clean sheets in a row against Manchester United.

And looking at the last 6 wins that Arsenal achieved away from home in the league at the expense of Manchester United, all of them were (1-0).

Manchester United

Manchester United has won only one victory in the last 8 matches it played in the league, losing 5 times and drawing 2 times.

United collected 5 points during that period, which is the lowest score collected by the team in 8 consecutive league matches, since it scored 4 points in the period between December 1989 and February 1990.

United fear losing 7 matches at home in one Gregorian year, for the first time since 1986, and the Red Devils fear losing 3 consecutive matches at home in the league, without scoring a goal for the first time since 1963.

Manchester United players only hit 17 league balls last November, and were exposed to 60 shots on the other side.

And if Manchester United are delayed (1-0) tomorrow, it will be the first time that the team has conceded 9 consecutive goals at home in the league without a response.

Manchester United failed to keep a clean sheet in the last 14 games it played at home in all competitions, which is the team's second worst career of its kind, after a series of 21 games between April 1958 and March 1959.


Arsenal have won 7 in their last 10 matches in the league, while drawing twice and receiving one defeat.

Arsenal have not lost in 8 matches, during which they scored goals in the English Premier League this season.

Norwich City is the only team to have scored more away goals in the Premier League this season, less than Arsenal's three.

At the time, during which the Gunners failed to score in 4 of their first 6 away matches of the season, which is a negative record for the team.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could become the first Arsenal player to score in 3 consecutive away games against Manchester United.

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