Tips and Gifts: New Ways to Make Money on TikTok


Tips and Gifts New Ways to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok is adding a new feature to offer tips and the ability to send virtual "gifts" to creators of content, allowing them to monetize the work they do on their channels. These new features belong to the "Creator Next" program that seeks to create a set of monetization tools for creators to earn income.

-Tips: The "Tips" function ("Tips" for its name in English) allows users to send money to other users as a token of gratitude for the content they are creating, similar to the functionality of Twitter "TipJar" . These "Tips" can be 5, 10 or 15 dollars, as well as tips of a personalized amount, with a limit of $ 100 per transaction and 500 dollars per day, donations can be public or anonymous. Tips are sent through the Stripe payment application and TikTok establishes a transaction fee, which is charged to the sender of the tip, so that the tip reaches the creator in full. Users eligible to receive tips will have an icon on their profile.

-Gifts: For some time now, TikTok shows an icon in the shape of a gift box in users' videos. This is the new function that allows you to send virtual gifts for specific videos, in a similar dynamic to the prizes or Reddit karma, only in this case they can be exchanged for real money. In this sense, the gifts improve the account against the TikTok algorithm and make the user accumulate "diamonds", upon reaching a certain amount of diamonds, these can be exchanged for real money.

Who can access these new features?

For an account to receive gifts or tips it must belong to a user who is over 18 years of age, have at least 1,000 views and have published at least 3 videos in the last 30 days. You must also comply with the rules of the TikTok community, have residence in Spain, Italy, France, the US, the United Kingdom or Germany (in the future, users from Canada and Australia will also be able to participate) and meet the minimum requirements of followers, which are different depending on the region in which the user lives.

Finally, business accounts cannot be eligible for this monetization program.

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