The Gmail app now allows voice and video calls


The Gmail app now allows voice and video calls

Google has just added new features to its Gmail app through Google Chat and now allows both voice calls and video conferences.

These are news that had already been announced in the month of September, but it is now when they begin to be operational for all users who have a personal Google account, as well as for users of professional accounts in Google Workspace and G Suite.

And it is that although until now calls could be initiated from the Gmail application itself, this could only be done by previously inviting an invitation to a videoconference call from Google Meet, a perhaps excessively complex procedure for a simple conversation between two only interlocutors.

Now, on the other hand, everything is simplified with the inclusion of two simple icons located at the top of the information of a contact in the Gmail app and that, through the silhouette of a landline phone and the representation of a camera, allow access respectively and directly to a voice call and a video conference, both individual.

With this inclusion, the Gmail app seeks to become the central hub for all Google communication services. In this way, even if the call is started from the Google chat application, the communication will be directed to the Gmail application.

Thus, from now on, the Gmail app will have four tabs that will offer the user the four possibilities of establishing communication available from the platform, concentrating what it offers separately through different applications: Email (Gmail), Chat (Google Chat), Instant Messaging (Spaces) and Videoconferencing (Meet).

All these communications are still available from the apps separately, but it will no longer be necessary to exit Gmail to access any of them.

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