Mohamed Salah is on the list of the most expensive in the world when signing the contract


Mohamed Salah is on the list of the most expensive in the world when signing the contract

British media reports revealed that the Liverpool club management has reached a semi-final agreement with the Egyptian international and the team’s star, Mohamed Salah, and will renew the contract with the player for the next five years for a conceivable amount approaching . That the player Salah, and when negotiations began between them, they submitted a request to the club’s management, and the negotiations took several weeks.

The value of the Mohamed Salah deal

English-language newspapers, including the British "Liverpool" website, reported that Liverpool and Salah reached a new agreement to stay in the team worth 117 million pounds in the next five years, to bring the two players to the team's record. A new threshold in history. He will earn twice the current salary of Liverpool, who is also one of the most valuable players in the world.

Mohamed Salah asks for a fake number at the beginning of the negotiations

Mohamed Salah submitted a request for 500,000 pounds per week, but due to concerns about problems with the team after the sharp rise in the salary ceiling, the administration rejected these requests, but it is working hard to pass the “Fenway company that owns the club” to reduce this amount and reach an agreement with the Egyptian international to renew his contract .

Public pressure from English clubs

He pushed the Liverpool owner to make an offer for the player Mohamed Salah to fulfill his request and add some other perks, including a financial fee for every goal he scored or assisted, and personal prizes that he continues to receive, because if he achieves any new results in the team, he will receive additional rewards. According to the published data, if a final agreement is reached, Mohamed Salah's salary will be more than double that of Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk. Salah will also be among the most expensive players in the world during this period. In the current period, there are still some outstanding players.

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