How to send money from WhatsApp and Telegram using Bizum

How to send money from WhatsApp and Telegram using Bizum

Money can now be sent via WhatsApp or Telegram (and other instant messaging apps) thanks to Bizum's integration with BBVA Cashup. To do this, in addition to being a BBVA customer, all you have to do is know the phone number of the income recipient... and he or she is a Bizum user.

BBVA Cashup works like a keyboard added to WhatsApp or Telegram apps. It is available for both iOS and Android, but the only requirement is to be a BBVA customer as the Cashup is activated from the bank app. If these conditions are met, sending money is very simple.

First of all, you must be a Bizum user, be a BBVA customer and have the latest version of the said bank application installed. In this you will have to activate Bizum as payment method and in the messaging app to be used (both WhatsApp and Telegram) enable BBVA Cashup keyboard.

This can be done in two ways, depending on the mobile operating system:

-iOS: Settings-General-Keyboards-Add

- Android: Settings - Input and text language - Virtual keyboard - Manage keyboards

To make the entry, simply select the recipient himself from the contact list or enter their phone number in WhatsApp or Telegram and then press the Change keyboard button, in the same way as if the keyboard allows you to select emojis, selecting BBVA Cashup.

That keyboard will be the one that lets you set the amount and send money from the same WhatsApp or Telegram message, just as simple as if you were to send an emoji.

It is a new way in which Bizum makes it easier to send money, although it will not be the last. In addition to integrating this platform into the applications of the various banking entities linked to its platform, Bizum is developing its own platform with a standalone application, which will not replace existing integrations in banking applications but will will complete it.

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