How to personalize the «Summaries of the Year 2021» on Facebook and Instagram


How to personalize the «Summaries of the Year 2021» on Facebook and Instagram

As the year draws to a close, social networks rush to provide their users with a method to remember the highlights of the last 12 months. This summary of the year, which is done in an automated way on most platforms, allows different customization options in the case of Facebook and Instagram.

Through these customization options, users can highlight people, places, feelings and friends who have had great importance throughout the year 2021 that is now ending.

-Facebook: Users have the option "A year together" through an automated but customizable selection of the highlights of the year. The result is a digital postcard that can be shared through the profile on the social network. It is already available, but only until December 30.

-Instagram: Users can share a time capsule called Playback through Stories that allows them to select up to ten Stories to share with their followers. The only requirement is to have published more than three Stories throughout the year or to have the Stories archive activated.

Instagram offers a suggestion on which ones to post, but the user can select the ones they want. To notify the existence of this option, Instagram will send a message to its users encouraging them to create and share their own Playbacks over the next few weeks. This is a significant advance over the options available in previous years, where Instagram's annual roundup was limited to a grid with a manual selection of nine featured images. On this occasion, it has clearly bet on the relevance that Stories have acquired.

In this way, the social networks Facebook and Instagram are aligned with the usual current on these dates on other platforms, such as Snapchat or Spotify, in which options are also available to share the most memorable musical content of the year that is now ending.

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