How to hide a web page from Google


How to hide a web page from Google

Who would want to hide a page from Google? The truth is that there are many reasons to hide a page or website from Google; It may be because it is a private space and we do not want anyone to access it or because it is a web page without optimization, perhaps a simple list of links that users of a website have been leaving and that could penalize the positioning of the website in general.

Websites have the option of not being indexed or not indexing certain parts of their page structure, for this there are several methods such as passwords or the guidelines of the "Robots.txt" file. However, be careful not to offer different content to the user and the Google bot, as this is considered "cloaking" and can lead to a penalty or even de-indexing of the entire website.

For all those users who are looking to hide a web page from Google, here are some simple methods:

-Password: One of the best ways to block access to a page or website is with a password. This method will also block any user who does not have the password. This is a common way to block access on construction sites and pages.

-Block tracking: It is possible to block Googlebot access to a page or a website, indicating in the "robots.txt" file that we do not want it to access. In this sense, it is possible to block any bot just by indicating the name. This method prevents the page or site from appearing in search engines, although it will be available to users who have the link.

-Block the indexing: This is a simple way, since it is enough to add the meta tag «noindex» to the web pages that we do not want to appear in the search engines. This tag signals search engines not to index this page once they have crawled it. Users can access the page and cannot see the tag.

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