DuckDuckGo prepares a very secure desktop browser

DuckDuckGo prepares a very secure desktop browser

DuckDuckGo is best known for its search engine, which is characterized by high respect for user privacy, but it also has a browser in an app version for mobile phones (iOS and Android). However, the company is now preparing its move to laptops and desktops with a desktop application that promises, in keeping with its spirit, to offer "robust privacy protection."

This privacy protection, DuckDuckGo's hallmark, is manifested in aspects such as searches or e-mail, where, unlike other options, it guarantees that searches and queries are completely anonymous and no user data is stored. Some characteristics that have enjoyed the favor of the Internet user to the point that they have made it the second most used search engine on the Internet for searches from mobile devices.

Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo, reported in a statement that the desktop version of the browser will have the same features as the mobile app version, paying special attention to offering users a "redefinition of expectations in relation to privacy online »without complex configurations. There will be a single and solid level of privacy protection with all the guarantees inherent to DuckDuckGo's consolidated history, which will be activated by default.

In this sense, the blocking of possible hidden trackers is strengthened before they even load, a substantial difference with the operation of similar systems in other browsers, which block them when they have already been loaded in the system. This is carried out by means of extensions that identify and block this content, a function that DuckDuckGo will bring to mobile phones next year.

Likewise, this type of trackers will also be avoided in the incoming email in the version for mobile devices, although it is still unknown if this feature will also apply to the desktop version of the browser.

The development of this desktop version of the browser includes a redesign of its interface in order to update its aesthetics offering a more modern and simplified appearance, as well as an improvement in the results of local searches, maps and directions, search filtering by date ranges or instant response to translations.

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