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Why keywords will be important in 2022 for SEO


Why keywords will be important in 2022 for SEO

Keywords are the terms or phrases that users often use to find what they are looking for on the Internet. Using the search bar (from Google or from any social network) they write the terms that interest them and which are usually made up of several words that together describe their intention.

Keywords have always been one of the pillars of SEO. However, as algorithms have become more sophisticated and voice or even image searches have come into play, more and more people are wondering if keywords will still be relevant for SEO in the future.

To provide an answer to this question, let's explain why keywords are and will continue to be important in SEO:

-Define search intention: Keywords tell us what the user is looking for and with what intention. The new algorithms use machine learning and semantic technology to refine searches as much as possible, being able to even understand the context in which a search is carried out, as well as find related topics that are relevant to the user. Therefore, having a few words that define the subject of the content will continue to be important.

-Helps to identify the target audience: By doing a keyword analysis it is possible to identify content gaps. These content gaps not only show gaps in content creation, but can also show that we are not targeting the right audience.

-They allow you to find business opportunities: Analyzing the keywords on our page and their search engine performance we could find errors. For example, if we analyze a website of a labor lawyer and find that it is not positioned by the terms "labor consultancy" and that, in addition, in the area of ​​this lawyer there are no companies positioned for this term, we could have discovered a great opportunity to create content and position the website.

-Help attract traffic: The vast majority of user clicks occur on the results that appear on the first page of Google. This means that reaching the top position in the SERP for a keyword that has a high volume of traffic allows us not only to find new customers, but to improve the visibility and reach of our publications.

Will keywords still matter in 2022

The answer is yes. Keywords continue to provide great value to the content we create and, therefore, will continue to be one of the pillars of SEO in the year to come.

However, remember that keywords are not everything. Abusing them can lead to a penalty from Google, so it is not worth placing the terms in each subtitle, title, image and anchor text. It is necessary to introduce them in a well-structured, attractive content that provides complete and detailed information.


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