WhatsApp Web allows you to create stickers from any chat


WhatsApp Web allows you to create stickers from any chat

The latest WhatsApp Web update incorporates a new function that provides great convenience when generating stickers, since it allows you to do it from any chat window.

At the moment this new function is beginning to be available gradually without the need to access the beta version of the latest update, so that in the course of a week all users will be able to enjoy it on the desktop version of this platform. instant messaging.

In Spain, for example, it is already available but for the moment only in WhatsApp Web, not in the desktop version, in which it is to be assumed that it will not take too long to be available, although nothing has been specified in this regard from WhatsApp.

To be able to use this new function, just open any chat from WhatsApp Web, click on the clip icon and the new option will appear from which stickers can be created directly from that chat window. To do this, simply load the desired image (in JPG or PNG formats) and WhatsApp Web will automatically create the new personalized sticker.

These stickers can also be edited from WhatsApp Web itself with options such as cropping the image, adding text, emojis ... so that the customization is complete. And all this without ever leaving the chat window in which the user is.

When the sticker has been finalized, it can be saved as a favorite, which will allow it to be used outside of that chat. Likewise, contacts can also save these new stickers.

With this new function, WhatsApp reinforces the importance it has been giving to stickers for a long time, something that has been revealed with the incorporation of the sticker search engine or the addition of sticker suggestions based on the text typed in by the user.

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