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What is Google Business Profile and how does it affect SEO


What is Google Business Profile and how does it affect SEO

If a few weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of his company name to Meta, now it is Google who once again changes the name of his tool for companies, Google My Business, which will now be called Google Business Profile.

Before explaining the changes that this decision entails, it should be explained that this is not the first time that Google has renamed this tool. In fact, its first name was Google Local Business Center and in 2010 it was changed to Google Places, which was changed in 2012 to Google+ Local and again in 2014 it was renamed Google My Business. On this occasion, the name change is due to the new approach that it intends to give to the tool.

What does this change mean?

First of all, Google does not want us to continue using the Google My Business space, but to work directly on our profiles in Google Search and Google Maps. In this way, we will be able to search for the name of our company in the search engine or in Maps and edit the commercial information directly from these platforms, something that we could already do for some time, although with certain limitations.

On the other hand, all those users who manage more than one company account can continue to do so through the Google My Business panel. However, from Google they have announced that they will remove the My Business mobile application as part of this change in orientation, so everything will have to be done from a desktop browser.

What benefits will Google Business Profile have for local SEO?

Until now, Google My Business was one of the best tools that companies had to work on Local SEO. Business Profile continues to be just as beneficial, with the great exception that it will be necessary to create the profile from Google Maps or Search directly or, if there is a profile, claim it as your own in order to manage and configure it.

As with the previous tool, creating the profile will be only the first step and it will also be necessary to optimize the information, verify the account and update the data frequently, as well as update the profile image and the photographs that are displayed of our company.

In this sense, few users know that users can also edit profile information such as hours, address or prices. It is for this reason that the information that appears in our profiles must be as current as possible, so as not to confuse customers.

Finally, it should be noted that the change will be effective, for now in the United States and that there is still no information on when it will be implemented in Spain or in other regions, so information on possible new functionalities has not yet been provided.


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