Watch the Qatar-Azerbaijan match broadcast live

Watch the Qatar-Azerbaijan match broadcast live
 today 11-14-2021 World Cup qualifiers

The Baku Olympic Stadium will host an important fiery match between Qatar and its opponent, Azerbaijan, on Sunday evening, November 14, as part of the tenth round of European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The World Cup qualifiers are transmitted through the BN Sport network, and the site provides you with a service to watch the Qatar-Azerbaijan match, live broadcast today, Sunday, November 14-2021.

The date of the Qatar vs Azerbaijan match, live broadcast:

5:00 pm GMT

7:00 pm Cairo time

8:00 pm Mecca time

The channels that carry the Qatar-Azerbaijan match, broadcast live:

This exclusive match will be broadcast on beIN Sports with the voice of sports commentator Khalil Al Balushi.

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