Watch the Portugal vs Ireland match broadcast live

Watch the Portugal vs Ireland match broadcast live
 today 11-11-2021 in the World Cup qualifiers

Watching the Portugal-Ireland match, which comes in the first group matches of the European qualifiers, which also includes the teams of Serbia, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan.

The Portuguese team is seeking to beat Ireland and collect the three points in order to continue crowding Serbia at the top of the group, one round before the end of the European qualifiers.

Portugal occupies second place in the first group of qualifiers with 16 points, and Serbia is at the top with 17 points, knowing that the latter played 7 matches.

While Portugal scored 16 points after playing 6 matches in the European qualifiers, where Ronaldo's companions won in 5 rounds, while they drew in one match.

What time is the Portugal vs Ireland match?

Portugal will meet Ireland tomorrow, Thursday, November 11, in the framework of the ninth round of the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Portugal will visit Ireland at Aviva Stadium on Thursday evening, where the kick-off of the match will kick off at 9:45 Cairo local time, and 10:45 Mecca time.

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