Watch the Inter Milan and Napoli match broadcast live

Watch the Inter Milan and Napoli match broadcast live
 today 11/21-2021 in the Italian League

Watch the Inter Milan-Napoli match, which will be broadcast live at the San Siro (Giuseppe Meazza) stadium in the thirteenth round of the Italian League at seven in the evening in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

And Napoli will raise in today's meeting the slogan "There is no alternative to winning" after it stumbled in the last round against Hellas Verona. Napoli benefited well from Milan and Inter's draw in anger last week and continued to lead, and will play today's meeting looking for the three points to move further from the top in pursuit of Milan and runners-up.

Napoli leads the Calcio standings with 32 points after winning 10 matches, drawing two matches and not losing any match. The team scored 24 goals and conceded only 4 goals.

On the other hand, Inter Milan, the owner of the land, and the public will look for the three points in today's meeting in order to preserve their chances of competing for the title. Go ahead in the rankings and chase the top.

Inter Milan is in third place with 25 points after winning 7 matches, drawing 4 matches and losing one match, scoring 29 goals and conceding 13 goals.

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