Watch Chelsea vs Malmo live stream

Watch the Chelsea vs Malmo match broadcast live
 today 11/02-2021 in the Champions League

The attention of football fans is directed towards the stadium and stadium (Malmo Stadion) to receive on its soil a high-caliber guest for a meeting between Chelsea FC and its opponent Malmo Swedish FC on Tuesday evening, October 2, in the framework of the fourth round of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League.

The activities of the European Champions League are transmitted through the BN Sport network, and our site offers you the service of watching the Chelsea and Malmo match broadcast live today, Tuesday 2- November-2021.

The date of the Chelsea vs Malmo match broadcast live at exactly the hour:

5:45 PM GMT

7:45 pm Cairo time

8:45 pm Mecca time

Channels carrying Chelsea and Malmo live broadcast:

This exclusive match will be broadcast on beIN Sports 1 Premium with the voice of sports commentator Ali Muhammad Ali.

German coach Thomas Tuchel leads Chelsea in the tenth match against Malmo in the Champions League.

Thomas Tuchel said during the match press conference: “The Malmö team trust their style and we should not underestimate them, and we have to respect them as we respect every team. Because the league in Sweden is not at the same level as the Champions League.

And Tuhel continued: Kai Havertz is doing everything to reach his level again and we will do everything we can to help him, but he needs to contribute goals and industry and he needs to return to the team, he is in a good mental state, he knows what he is fighting for.

Thomas continued: Is there an opportunity to change the plan of the three defenders? And we can't create opportunities in every kind of plan, we're thinking about it but you have to find the right plan, there are reasons why we stay this way, we're looking for solutions, there could be a formation change, we'll see.

And the Chelsea coach continued: We are looking for solutions against teams that play with a defensive bloc, but it is really tactical? Is it difficult to play with a plan other than the plan of the three defenders? We think about everything but you have to find the right moment.

Commenting on Lukaku's decline, he said: "In my opinion, I feel that Romelu drained his minutes, I think he played many competitions during the summer and now he played the Nations League, he is a great sports person, a competitive guy and wants to be on the field and win, and he always tries."

Tuchel concluded his statements by saying: Pulisic is the only absentee from facing Malmo tomorrow, he was injured in a match with the United States due to a severe mistake, and he injured his ankle, there is no need to worry because we are hiding the details.

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