Watch the Brazil vs Colombia match broadcast live

Watch the Brazil vs Colombia match broadcast live

Watching the Brazil-Colombia match, live broadcast of the match that takes place at the Arena Corinthians in the thirteenth round of the crazy American qualifiers for the World Cup finals, at exactly two thirty in the morning, Cairo time, via the website.

The Brazilian team is looking to continue its string of victories after beating Uruguay in the last round by four goals to one. The Brazilian team was able to come out of the drawback that occurred in the previous round against Colombia without goals, and the samba dancers in today's meeting will look to continue the tone of victories in order to survive On the lead and getting closer and closer to reaching the finals.

The Brazilian national team has a list of players at the highest level on the individual or collective side, and the team will look to exploit the half-opportunities and capabilities of its players in order to avoid the surprises of the Colombia team, which will search for a positive result against the Brazilian giant.

Brazil is at the top of the standings with 31 points, after winning 10 matches, drawing one and not losing any. The team scored 26 goals and conceded only 4 goals during its qualifying campaign.

On the other hand, Colombia will look to turn the tables on its Brazilian counterpart and get out of today's meeting with the three points. Today's meeting will push the team a position in the group table. The Colombian list witnessed the presence of James Rodriguez for the first time in a year, after he became a main participant with the Qatari team this season.

Colombia occupies fourth place with 16 points, which the team has won in 4 matches, drawn in 7 matches and lost in two matches. The team scored 16 goals and conceded 16 goals.

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