Twitter allows you to search for the tweets of a specific user


Twitter allows you to search for the tweets of a specific user

Without making much noise, a new feature has arrived on Twitter that allows you to further refine your search for content. It is a specific button to limit searches to content published only by a specific user on their timeline.

In the search tool available until now on Twitter (and which is still active from the magnifying glass icon), such a specific search can also be carried out, but in a somewhat more complex way, since it requires using a formula in which both the user and the word (or phrase) to be located are determined in writing, expressing it using the following format within the search tool: from: user WORD

In this case, you have to replace "user" by the identifier of the tweeter in whose contents you want to find the specific word (or a phrase), changing "WORD" for that word (or for the phrase, enclosing it in quotation marks).

Now the search is simplified since when accessing a user's profile, the magnifying glass icon will appear at the top of the screen, and by clicking on it you will access that search limited only to the timeline of that Twitter user. In this way, it will be enough to type in the search box the word (or the phrase, enclosed in quotation marks) that you want to find among all the tweets that you have published.

The search results will appear classified according to whether they are prominent, most recent tweets, images or videos, a categorization that is, on the other hand, the usual one in Twitter searches.

Using this new tool, the search process is facilitated as well as allowing "syntactic" errors to be avoided in case of not knowing well the formula described above ("from: WORD user") or for making an error when using it.

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