Netflix to launch its own version of "TikTok"

Netflix to launch its own version of  TikTok

The youth audience, especially children and adolescents, is the recipient of Kids Clips, a new Netflix feature that will work in a similar way to how TikTok does ... although this time, and unlike the popular social network, the horizontal format prevails of the videos.

It is an evolution on some recent novelties on Netflix such as Fast Laughs (Quick Laughs) with which Netflix tries to popularize its contents by broadcasting short fragments of the movies and series that it has in its catalog. In the case of Fast Laughs, it is about a selection of funny moments and with Kids Clips it is about providing younger viewers with a glimpse of different series and movies that may be of interest to them.

Initially Kids Clips will be available only in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, without knowing the date on which it will be available in other countries. Also, at first, only users of the Netflix application for iOS will be able to enjoy Kids Clips, without it having been revealed yet when it will be available from the Android version of the Netflix app.

Since Fast Laughs has only appeared in the Netflix mobile app, it is expected that the same will happen with Kids Clips, thus leaving both configured as two ways to enjoy short videos with the highlights of the platform's content. .

This would turn the newcomer Kids Clips into a kind of "TikTok" in which to enjoy a continuous succession of short videos (although this time in horizontal format), a form of dissemination of extremely popular content that has already been imitated by other social networks such as Instagram (Reels) or by online video platforms such as YouTube (Shorts).

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