How to set a password to a Telegram chat


How to set a password to a Telegram chat

In this article, we will explain how to block a Telegram chat with a PIN or password to protect any conversation from prying eyes, by applying an extra layer of security.

Although it may seem excessive, when it comes to protecting our conversations we must be extremely careful. With this simple action we can apply an extra layer of protection with which we make sure that our chats will remain secret, even if we lose the mobile phone and they manage to discover our PIN or if they are able to unlock it.

In this sense, in addition to being able to add a PIN or password to each of the chats, we can also configure other security aspects, such as the time that must pass from when we block the terminal until Telegram will ask us again to unblock the chat with the PIN or if, instead of a password, we prefer to use a biometric method such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

How to put a password to a Telegram chat?

The first step will be to access the Telegram settings. On Android, you'll find this section in the side menu, while on iOS it's in the options bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

When accessing the settings, we must select the "Privacy and Security" option, which shows an icon in the form of a padlock. Within this section, we must click on the option "Lock code" in Android or "Code and FaceID" if you are using an iOS device.

This screen should be empty, as passwords should be disabled. To configure this option, we must first activate the "Lock code" option. Next, we choose a PIN or password for Android phones. In the case of iOS terminals, we will only have the option to configure a 6-digit PIN.

Once the lock code has been configured, when returning to the previous screen, a series of security options will appear that can be configured to your liking. For example, configure the time that will pass before the chat is blocked again or if we want to use biometric methods to access the chats.

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