How to embed videos in web pages to please Google


How to embed videos in web pages to please Google

Google has updated the information on "Recommended Good Practices" for videos on the webmaster help website, Google Search Central. The new recommendations focus on tips to help Google find and index video content, as well as the best ways to make this content accessible so that it appears in the rich results of the search results page (SERP).

Google displays videos on its SERP in several different ways: as a traditional organic result, but also within the videos tab, on a video card using the rich results, or on a Google Discover card.

Offer maximum visibility to videos

Traditionally, Google has pointed out that it doesn't matter whether a video is embedded directly or whether it has been embedded from YouTube, the important thing is that the videos are hosted on a public website. It is for this reason that it was a common practice to embed the videos from a YouTube channel or from other platforms such as Vimeo.

However, with the update of his recommendations, he points out that it is better for each video to have its own web page, in which this content is the centerpiece and all the SEO information has been correctly optimized. This is because certain Rich Snippet features, such as "Key Moments" or the "Live" tag, require the video to have its own page with the appropriate tags.

However, Google has not offered details on how the structure of these video pages should be, so doubts can arise regarding "thin content" (empty web pages or with little relevance content that are penalized by Google). Although he has indicated that it is possible to have the video on its original dedicated page and, at the same time, add it to other content along with other information. For example, we could have a video on your page optimized and also add it to a news article or a product page, which could be a solution for these types of problems.

In this sense, it does not offer advice on how to link this content to Google, so it is best to use the rich snippets and create an XML Sitemap for videos only.

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