How to activate the Dark Mode on Google Maps on iPhone


How to activate the Dark Mode on Google Maps on iPhone

The latest updates to iOS, the operating system of Apple iPhones, already include the possibility of activating dark mode in the Google Maps application, an option that had already appeared for the Android version of Google Maps.

The consequences of activating the Dark Mode in Google Maps involve an almost complete change in the way the maps are displayed, modifying the white backgrounds for black backgrounds and the vivid colors for darker ones.

In the case of night driving, a short period of adaptation to the new aspect in which the maps and the indications on them are displayed may be necessary, but the greatest advantage is that possible glare is minimized and fatigue is considerably reduced. visual due to the difference in intensity between the darkness outside and the brightness of the mobile screen.

To be able to activate this operating mode of the Google Maps application, you must first have the latest update of said app installed, as well as have the latest version of iOS 15. Then you must follow the following steps:

-Access the Google Maps app

-Click on the user profile image at the top right, in the destination search bar itself

-Select Settings in the menu that appears

-Within the "Other Maps Settings" section, display the options in "Dark Mode", which is where this option is configured.

Here you can configure the specific mode in which the Dark Mode will come into action, since it allows different options. In addition to being able to activate or deactivate it instantly, it also allows you to adjust its activation so that it occurs in a synchronized way with the activation of dark mode on the device itself.

In iPhones, the iOS operating system allows the activation of a general dark mode, whose effects can be transferred in most cases to the applications that are compatible with it, and this is the case of the most recent update of Google Maps with the latest iOS 15 updates.

Finally, remember that any manipulation of mobile devices in cars must be done with due precautions, avoiding doing it with the vehicle in motion, recommending resorting to a companion or making requests out loud thanks to the intelligent assistant.

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