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Hash Finder: a search engine for social media posts


Hash Finder: a search engine for social media posts

Hashfinder is a search engine for the social web that can be useful to find publications on social networks. An interesting search engine for social media professionals and for any user in general.

This social web search engine is the site where you can discover popular posts by hashtags, keywords, and users. It is also perfect for finding out the hot topics on the main social networks.

It is true that the search giant is none other than Google and this is not going to change, at least in the short or medium term. However, if it is possible, thematic or specialized search engines such as Hashfinder may have their own space.

This new search engine is presented under a very simple appearance, its objective is undoubtedly to focus on its only task of finding social publications. The truth is that, at least at the moment, it does not even show advertising.

A search engine for social media posts

The operation of Hashfinder is very simple, you just have to write the search terms, click on the "Search" button and wait a few moments for the results to be presented.

This social search engine does not mix the results obtained in the different social networks that it supports. On the contrary, it has several tabs to see the results returned by the search in each of the social networks.

At the moment, it is able to offer results from some of the most popular social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr and Flickr. According to those responsible, support for a greater number of social networks will be gradually added.

In any case, I think it is an excellent tool to search through millions and millions of social posts.



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