Google will improve the search for files in Google Drive


Google will improve the search for files in Google Drive

Google is preparing a new battery of search filters for its cloud file storage service, Google Drive, with the goal of making it easier for users to find the files they're looking for in a simpler and more efficient way.

This solution is based on adding a series of filters at the top of the Google Drive interface that allow selecting search properties and specifying properties such as:

-file type

- last modified date

-What other users were related to the asset you are looking for

With whom was the file shared?

- Users who co-edited it, if so

These filters are not entirely new to Google Drive, which already has some search options, although they are very basic and unable to deliver as refined searches as would be achieved when these new criteria were added to the Cloud user interface. The Google.

In addition, these new filters could have been specially improved to occupy a prominent central position that provides a more comfortable use for the user. The extension (currently in its beta phase) has some similarities to the search options that were added last year to Gmail, Google's email platform.

They have announced to Google their interest in getting users interested in trying out these new improvements through their user beta program. Upon successful completion of this evaluation process, the new Google Drive search filters will be available to all users of Google Workspace, the Alphabet suite of online productivity tools (the parent company of Google), as well as users of G Suite Basic and said Business Option. a program.

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