Facebook launches ways to make money in groups

Facebook has announced that it will include new ways to monetize its users through groups in the social network, as there was still no way to earn money. The platform is testing a number of tools that will allow pool managers to earn income. This will come through selling products and services, donations, and subscriptions.

For Facebook, it's about equipping these administrators so they can "maintain" the communities they've built. Introduced at the annual Communities Summit, this new feature will allow Facebook group hosts to earn income in three different ways.

First, they will be able to create community stores, through which they will be able to sell products and services to group members. This store will be nothing more than an extension of the service already offered by the platform, but only adapts to the format of the collection.

The option to raise funds is also on Facebook. To adapt it to groups, Facebook will allow their admins to organize groups in order to pay for specific projects or simply cover the costs generated by managing the group.

However, the third method of monetization is quite new to Facebook. It's about creating paid subgroups, which only users who pay a monthly subscription will be able to access. The idea of ​​Facebook is to promote the creation of specialized and high-quality content that generates economic activity on the platform.

This type of monetization through subscriptions to its Instagram app is also being explored. The company announced this summer that it's developing the ability to create exclusive stories that only paying followers can access.

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