Watch the Juventus and Zenit match broadcast live

Watch the Juventus and Zenit match broadcast live
10-2021 in the Champions League

Gazprom Arena stadium lights up, marking a high-caliber confrontation between the old lady and his Russian counterpart, Zenit Saint Petersburg, in the third round of the group stage of the European Champions League, at nine in the evening, Cairo time.

A good start for Juventus in the Champions League this season, as he managed to crush his Swedish counterpart Malmo with three goals without reply, as Alex Sandro opened the hat-trick in the 23rd minute, and in the 45th minute Alvaro Morata scored the second goal, before scoring in the same minute by the star Paolo. Dybala the third goal from the penalty mark.

In the second round of the Champions League group stage, he managed to score 3 valuable points from the Champions League holder last season after defeating him with a goal without a response from Federico Chiesa in the 46th minute, which is a satisfactory result for the fans of the old lady who see the development of his team's level round after round and match. after a match.

The development of Juventus appeared this season, the team suffered a major shock after the departure of coach Andrea Pirlo, and the re-entry of Massimiliano Allegri, and there was a crisis after the departure of one of the important players in Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to Manchester United.

Juventus started its matches in the Italian league with a draw against Udinese with two goals, then things got worse after the defeat by Empoli with a goal without a reply, and in the third round it suffered a second defeat in a row with two goals against a goal, and in the fourth stage it fell into the trap of a 1-1 draw against Milan, He scored his first victory over Spezia with three goals against two goals, the same result that was attended against Sampdoria, and beat Torino 1-0 in the Turin derby, and with the same result over Roma at the top of the eighth round matches of the Italian League.

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